The Hearts of the Brave

Evil exists.
It seeks to destroy.
It feeds and grows on destruction.
It hungers for ground fertile with fear to conquer.
It decapitates the innocent.
It suffocates its own with chemical annihilation.
It starves children while filling its belly with stolen gifts to feed them.
Unbridled and undeterred it heats ovens to feed its hate.

Evil exists.
It is not a friend.
It cannot be reformed by placation.
It will steal bribery with lies.
It is brazened by political weakness.
It cannot be wished away…..BUT
It can be conquered.
It will wither and die as long as:

Love exists.
The greatest Love is found in the hearts of the brave.
The greatest Love is fueled by concern for sanctity of life.
The greatest Love carries pictures of family headlong into harms way.
The greatest Love protects homeland with veracity.
The greatest Love expands past human boundaries.
The greatest Love believes the impossible is possible.
The greatest Love gives the ultimate sacrifice to save us all.

ยฉPhyllis Weeks Rogers 5/26/2018



  1. There is evil in this world, more than anyone can comprehend, but any amount of evil can be defeated by pure love. We only need to know where to look for it. Very well put out. It’s a contrast of two most powerful and complex element. Great work!

    Please try to follow my blog page, if you don’t mind. I would love to connect with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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