My Mind vs Spirit, Lord

My mind cannot comprehend Your Immanence though, as You know, I’ve studied Your Word throughout my years, with diligence, trying to understand. I know time and space did not exist before you created the universe (or universes). Why you planned the sun and the moon, the planets and the stars, to their particular positions perplexes me. How you can be the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as One I have found no answer that my mind can accept except quantum physics seems to be an explanation of science, which some say, may one day verify the possibility, in order for the mind to reconcile its need for undeniable proof of the Trinity. But the human mind is so limited in this three dimensional world. This finite mind and this finite world in which I exist is so very small. Some exploit this with their atheistic views. I hope they stop rationalizing and understand their soul is separate from their minds.

But my mind also asks “How can everything be random from some sudden Big Bang that created life?” It makes no sense because every living thing is made up with its own special DNA which is never repeated regardless of past, present or future. Every individual is extraordinarily unique because of You. Even animals are unique as individuals. We are body, mind and spirit, and made in Your image. In Genesis creation is explained as : In the beginning (time), You created the heavens (space) and the earth (matter). This explains creation is also a reflection of Your triune nature.

My soul, I believe, drives my mind into acceptance of miracles that cannot be explained. The fact I have a soul invisible to x-ray, CT scans, MRIs and other medical exploratory devices, is said by some to be irrational. I say it is irrational not to believe spirit is a driving force for life. For where would the will to live fit in without a spirit? The mind accepts facts. You can tell the mind that a body is damaged to the impossibility of survival and give all the reasons why it can no longer exist. The mind will have to accept that fact and die. But that does not always happen. Because the spirit, being the driving force for the mind and the body, may by Your command, heal the unhealable.

What I’m trying to say, Lord, is Your miracles in my life have been numerous. Though many people helped me understand Faith, it was the everyday and the extraordinary miracles that made me believe in You. Remember Dr. Cox? The man who said I would not live past 30 years when I was fifteen? I was dying then. But it was not my time. Your miracle brought me through to hear his prediction.  He has passed and I’m still here. He was the same doctor who delivered my daughter when I was only 26 weeks pregnant. He did not have much hope she would live because her lungs weren’t fully developed. But she had spirit. So much spirit she defied the odds and not only lived but has lived healthier than her brothers. My husband was predicted by doctors to be in a vegetative state the rest of his life until You answered prayers of hundreds who prayed for him. He lives happy, today. Why did my son, Scott, die at 31? Your miracles from my perspective seem random. This one lives, that one does not. I do not believe Scott’s spirit has less will than ours, but I remember it was the third time he had faced death and you had chosen to grant his physical being miracles in the first two. So I believe you knew when we all were in the womb how many years, days, months and hours we would serve your purpose on Earth. Today I accept that and only You knowing the reason for things I can’t understand is okay, today.

Adam and Eve brought sin and death into the world. Your son, my Savior, Jesus conquered death and washed away sin in order for us to have a relationship with You. Many theologians argue the  meanings in the Bible. I’ve heard the perspectives of so many doctrines it boggles my mind. I’ve investigated religions, other than Christianity, which claim their belief is the only way to you. I’ve rejected those beliefs because they do not recognize the One who saved me as the only Way, Truth, and life. But I should not judge others for their belief or non-belief. Your Word says I should not. Your Word tells me it is only for you to judge. I accept on Faith your written Word. You are limitless. You are infinite. You are the Alpha and the Omega. You are the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I owe everything to you. Help me lay everything at your feet.



© copyright Dec 2017…..Phyllis Rogers



  1. Thank you, Mohammed. I did check out your article: Does God Exist? Isn’t it wonderful how He gives us creativity and curiosity? I enjoyed your post. He reveals to you in a way you can understand (the way your mind works) and he reveals to me the way mine does. Our spirits, I believe already know the answer.


  2. I stumbled across this blog on the comments section in makeitultra.Great piece, and I love it. I am still a novice in writing but one has to start somewhere-right? This week I have written a post on on mysteriousness of God.we cannot know how he thinks,but we can be sure his thoughts for us are good.The bible says so and I believe it.I once read that if God was small enough for our minds to figure out then he would not be big enough for us to worship! I try to live by that.
    Keep up the good writing phyllis!

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