God’s Plan Well Lived

God thought: This child shall be blessed. He shall be cradled in love. He shall be anointed with devotion. He … More


In the deepest, darkest moments of a child’s life you find an opportunity to start to destroy; an opportunity steal … More

Hold Onto Me Tight, Lord

Keeping my head above water, While the waves crash over me. Please hold onto me tight, Lord ‘Cause I’m drowning … More

Hollytics Politics

Oh, Johnny Depp, how I have wept to see your mortal demise. You cannot rise again using your fame in … More


You found me at the edge of a precipice, disjointed with raw torn flesh. The pack of wolves scattered at … More

When You’re Stuck

What do you do when you’re stuck and it seems you’re all out of luck? Move your body and your … More

This Earthen Vessel

This earthen vessel, so long ago molded, creaks along its winding path more worn today. For yesterday’s scars were added … More