You found me at the edge of a precipice, disjointed with raw torn flesh. The pack of wolves scattered at … More

When the Wind Blows

There are days when the wind blows: I hear your voice calling my name; Your footsteps fall on pine needles … More

When You’re Stuck

What do you do when you’re stuck and it seems you’re all out of luck? Move your body and your … More

The Gatekeepers Demise

A rumbling began from the abyss; a slow bubbling toward revelation and a fruition of incongruity. The gatekeepers held steadfastly … More


I must cling to You or drown in a sea of my own nothingness. Bless me with perseverance as I travel, with … More

The Blank Book

The pages flew out of the book and the words fell on the floor. And as they fell they shattered. … More

The Hearts of the Brave

Evil exists. It seeks to destroy. It feeds and grows on destruction. It hungers for ground fertile with fear to … More

Spring is not Lost

The stark contrast Of Joy and Death: One fills the heart The other tears it. I watched her Lifting her … More