The Sun rises in all its glory, from the east,                     … More

The Labyrinth

I wandered in quite humbly, just a girl. A girl seeking her Lamb. I felt the breath of a wolf, … More

The Greatest Gift

Everyone is busy. December is here. We are making our lists and checking them twice. We want to make sure … More


In the part of Texas in which I live there are many woods. When I first visited more than 45 … More

A Christian’s Lament

Politicians serve- Or line their pockets with obligatory gold? Solve problems Or create them? Is “the Hill” a temple? Do … More

“Today” by Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik SELRES_7fbc6685-c539-42b9-a240-1c33d417945ewas born exceptionally gifted. She was a self-taught child prodigy who is most known for her painting the … More