Illusive Fortune

What a race we run, To and fro, Chasing a bright shining sun, Wherever we think it might go. “Fortune … More

My Morning Prayer

Dear Lord, It has been heavy on my heart since I heard, yesterday, that New York has decided to make … More

The Stoning of Stephen

(Acts 6:5-6) Stephen was a man full of the Spirit and wisdom, Appointed by Apostles who laid their hands on … More

The Gatekeepers Demise

A rumbling began from the abyss; a slow bubbling toward revelation and a fruition of incongruity. The gatekeepers held steadfastly … More

Is it too late?

Is it about politics, religion or war The chattering of squirrels In a game of exhortation supreme Calling lemmings to … More


Failures are but stepping stones. They are not smooth but rocky. My foot slips and my ankle turns. There is … More


The Sun rises in all its glory, from the east,                     … More