A Prayer From The Past

Recently I’ve been feeling less than motivated, a little overwrought as a caregiver, and simply not doing my best. I decided today to take a look at the times in the past my spirit was full of gratitude. So, I pulled out my journals from a couple of years after my husband sustained his severe head injury and started to read some of my prayers written at that time to give me motivation to reconnect with joy in my heart.

The first prayer I came to was October 15, 2013 (two years post trauma):

Dear Lord,

We live nestled into the woods that surround one of the most beautiful lakes in Texas. The eagles, hawks and owls and many types of waterfowl enhance the beauty of this place.

We are serenaded daily by cardinals, blue jays and blue birds. Even the hummingbirds greet us with a small song of its own, but none compare to the mockingbirds and their continuous melodies.

Everywhere we turn our heads or ears, Your handiwork is there. Yet I saw You in more than my surroundings today.

Your voice came through so many people today. Your message was clear that you were at work for us opening doors and providing our needs. How grateful we are that You are the Captain. You gently lead our souls forward into the unknown. You fill our hearts with Peace and Thanksgiving. You restore our lives one day at a time giving us more than we lost.

I am amazed at Your Love for us. We surely are not worthy. Yet You make us feel that You believe we are of worth to You. Each day we awake is another blessing you give us. Allowing us another day, to grow together and love one another through this life, is received with praises to You.

This life is more precious now than it has ever been. Happiness, yes even joy, has replaced just surviving. We never want to spend a day without You. We are Your children and we are so very blessed . Thank You—a thousand times—thank You.

We worship You Lord,

Your children Ron and Phyllis


  1. Phyllis what a beautiful prayer to look back on! You are doing the right thing in looking back at when you felt His blessings, it is very Biblical – look at the many times God reminded His people of how He had blessed them in the past. Incidentally just before reading your post I watched a short inspired vlog by brother Andy Berry on the very same subject you write about here, which is definitely God’s confirmation in my humble opinion. You can see it here: https://www.berrybunch.family/andy-b-2-minute-video-look-behind-you-s04e061/

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