If you haven’t seen the movie documentary “The God Who Speaks,” I highly recommend watching it. I’m writing not as a critique in anyway. I’m sharing my notes in hopes of piquing the interest of anyone who is constantly hungry to learn when it comes to The Word, like I am.

Notes on “The God Who Speaks” (2018) with Alistair Begg, Darrell Box, D. A. Carson and others:

God has made Himself accessible so we can be accessible to the truth:

  • He can be personally known.
  • He shall never forsake us.
  • He sets the terms of what He reveals to us (What, Where, When)
  • Ten Commandments: This is who He is and was written to be permanent.
  • God is not limited by space and time.
  • The New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament story. Jesus fulfills all the prophecies.

The Apocrypha is only included in the Catholic Bible. The Protestants didn’t believe they were part of the Old Testament. Jesus and the Apostles didn’t use them as scripture. But there is no discussion as to what belongs in the Canon and what is not:

John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word” (Jesus is the logic and intelligibility of God.)

He sent His Son as the God man:

  • He shows miracles to show His authority and power.
  • Unscrolling the Isaiah scroll shows He is the fulfillment.
  • He made clear He is here to fulfill the Law.
  • Jesus says the elders know the Law but didn’t follow it.
  • They had no idea there had to be a Resurrection.
  • There is no way they would invent a Resurrected Jesus.
  • The Resurrection is a signal that the Mission had been accomplished. (1 Cor 15 Jesus died for our sins and was raised according to the scriptures)
  • The The Crucifixion and Resurrection was an impact event. (It will never be forgotten.)
  • It was written down so we would not lose the memories.

There is a dual authorship of the Bible. God provided Paul what to put in the New Testament. We must respect what the authors wrote. God superintended the process by the Holy Spirit. Scripture is the product of God and behind the process the activity of God–The Holy Spirit.

What we believe about the Bible is based on its source. The quality of the Bible is God breathed. Jesus spoke to people all day. The Apostles put down a summary of what He said. All four Gospels give us a theological interpretation. Peter says “We saw this.” This sets the Bible apart. The bible opens itself to question. It has historical verifiable scripture. The New Testament was Evangelistic, including the Jews and the Gentiles. Jesus used Paul for this.

There have been 66,360 + manuscripts of the Bible discovered. Of those 5,839 New Testament Greek, 42,000 Old Testament Greek and 28,524 Translations. Christians have lots of evidence. We have 105% of the text. Discussions are included in the Bible in foot notes. Textual variants less the 1/5 of 1% are meaningful and viable, yet they draw the most criticism. If we are skeptical about the New Testament we must be skeptical about all writings of that time. Acceptable are: Apostolicity, orthodoxy and catholicity (accepted by the majority of churches.) The false Apostles weren’t written in the First Century. The Divinci Code is a myth.

The ultimate author of scripture is God. The God who has communicated with us. God wants to be understood. He is able to be understood. The meaning of the text is fixed by the Author. Unbelievers argue on non-evidence. We are not to “spin” the Word of God. There will be a devaluation of moral teaching. If you preach gospel to the church and don’t preach where it is challenged you are not preaching the gospel. In other words, if you don’t include the parts some people don’t want to hear you are wrong.

DOUBT-DENY-DISOBEY have worked for Satan since the beggining.

Do you love the Bible?

Do you love its Author?

Do you know the difference?

You’ve never met God if you think it is boring. It produces desire for God, obedience and joy.

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