“I Have a Dream”

Let us celebrate today a God-loving and God-driven man. A man who evil took away, but whose message of Love remains—-Dr Martin Luther King, JR.






Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. was certainly one of the greatest leaders this world has ever known. He left the world far better than its state when he was born. Certainly God blessed this man and what he stood for. The day he was assassinated was one of the darkest days in America. His legacy lives today and will never die. He was a man devoted to serving the Lord and being a beacon of life and liberty for all men. After all these decades, I still get emotional thinking back to the day we were robbed by the hate that took his life. Yet he lives on forever in the hearts and minds of those who were fortunate enough to have been touched by his teaching and his words of love.

Phyllis Weeks Rogers

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