Like is Like a Box of Chocolates (Part 2)

On September 17 this year, I wrote a blog, called “Like a Box of Chocolates. At the end I promised an update once I received the results of the pathology report of a biopsy taken four days earlier. The delay of update has several reasons I really don’t want to take time on in this blog, however, I must give some background of the original post for those who aren’t familiar with the story:

The biopsy was of a very aggressive growth growing on my left leg near an implant which repaired a very complicated fracture of the tibia and fibula. I did receive the results on the 23rd of September which came back as the suspected malignancy, Squamous Cell Carcinoma. The next step was to excise the cancerous lesion. I was told October 22, 2021 was the soonest availability for the surgery. That was five weeks out and I shared my concern on waiting that long, but inevitably had to accept that date.

The procedure did not take long and I received the results in five days. I was so very happy to hear the pathology report stated there was no residual cancer after the excision. But my joy did not last long. After almost six weeks the a growth appeared in the very same place within the incision scar. Therefore today I undergo another biopsy with a different dermatologist at the same facility.

I am not anxious about the procedure or the results. It is times like these of exercising faith and hope, and most especially trust in the Lord, bring a sense of spiritual maturity. Cooperating with God’s plan often isn’t very easy, But the alternative is to add toxicity to an already difficult situation. After all my Lord, Jesus Christ, suffered unimaginable pain for me. I’m absolute positive He will relieve any suffering this challenge might create for me.

God has also given me the blessing of two very special women who are my friends and neighbors and a cousin who lives in a nearby rural town, who are, by the Grace of God, sisters to me in heart, we support each other in difficult times and celebrate together times of joy.


  1. Faith renders all things possible. I pray that God may provide a lasting solution to your health issue in Jesus Christ’s name. May He grant you peace, strength and favour as you go through the medical process, dear. It is well. 💐💕


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