Senator John Cornyn’s Voting Record

Senator John Cornyn is the perfect example of Washington DC’s corrupt politicians. I’m grieved to say he is one of my Senators. Yesterday he voted to advance the extreme progressives 3.5 trillion dollar socialist bill. There was a stalemate between the extreme progressives and the moderate democrats. His vote along with 10 others including McConnell (also Swamp Creature) gives the Squad and their appeasing Nancy Pelosi all the time they need to get the monstrous Green New Deal passed. This will bankrupt us into oblivion. See his voting record and what kind of creature he truly is @ Thirty years in Congress has corrupted him beyond repentance. If you are a Texan in his district, boot him out and vote for someone who stands with a supports the democrats over the elite wealthy. Unfortunately he was reelected in 2020 and is serving another six years. My efforts are to find what can be done to boot him out sooner. The biggest problem with him is his lies. He speaks what he thinks people want to hear and then betrays them with his actions.

Here he is saying he isn’t endorsing Senator Ted Cruz in 2016. Ted Cruz endorsed him in 2020. He also has made known his disdain for former President Donald Trump. Trump endorsed him and held a MAGA rally for him in 2020.

Phyllis Weeks Rogers

October 8, 2021


    1. No problem. He had at least 12 go against him, but at the primaries for 2020 he only had a couple left to beat. Unfortunately he won. I think the way he has shown his true colors he won’t make it again in 2026. I wish Senators didn’t have more years in office than the President. And I sure think there should be term limits for them. Cruz has tried to get a bill to the floor for term limits since 2012, but they are all too greedy for power to let that happen.

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