The Holy Spirit brought me to this blogger and him to me. I’m proud he is my brother in Christ. I wanted to share him with you.



Nothing else will satisfy, You are the longing of my soul. Like the deer for water, pants my soul. All I see is a mirage. You are what makes life real. In you I find peace and comfort. You are my source. It’s an honor to work with You, You pay my bills, You pay me good.

No one in this world can take your place. I am forever bound to You. Struck by Your love, I’ll forever be amazed. Precious LORD, to behold Your face will quiver my knees, in all of my days, it’s You I seek to please.

Open my eyes to see you alone, let your words put fire in my bones. I know I’ll never be able to finish You, to know you will take me forever, and I’m okay with it. All I want is to bring glory to your name…

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