A Letter to Christians

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Due to the escalation of chaos and madness in our country and the world, I am compelled to call on you to open up and speak the truth. More and more I see those who are threatened backing down and hiding their faith because they fear to lose their jobs, be cancelled on social media, harassed by activists on the Left, or singled out to be spied upon by our government. I understand the temptation to not tell people with joy about our Savior, Jesus Christ out of fear. But we all know fear is Satan’s favorite weapon.

The time is NOW to let Satan know we are not afraid because He was defeated by the Cross. God’s perfect plan is coming to light in our lives today. We know the TRUTH. We have the Word to share. We need to shout it from the roof tops and show the Marxist in today’s society we will never let them take our freedoms this country was founded on and men and women have fought for over two hundred years.

Satan is in his brightest moment today. His followers are growing by the millions. We have slept long enough while this was happening. It is time to wake up and put on the full armor of God and fight. There is only one choice. Satan and his followers are absolutely sure we are weak people who can be controlled and they are bound and determined to control us. That can’t happen.

Our goal should be to educate the lost that Satan has seized to do his bidding. We should be as active in our responsibility to save souls as they are in their goal to destroy souls. Many will say I’m a crazy lady for talking like this. They will come up with the same excuses that we have accepted over decades as they have taken God out of our schools and replaced him with teachers of hate and division who will under no circumstances allow the utterance of prayer. I say it is high time we reject their philosophy and return to a moral society.

Their insistence on no law, no morals, redistribution of wealth ( including taking property from the middle class), and especially Critical Race Theory (which is the most racist theory ever conceived), and their accusations that we are the evil people are a deliberate and insufferable plan by the most evil entity. They are liars and they have many cohorts in the media, social media and especially education.

I believe we owe our Lord and Savior. Let us not be as Judas was. Let us be Peter and John. That is our task today and we must not think someone else will do it for us. They won’t. We need every hand on deck to save the young that have been so masterfully deceived.

Phyllis Rogers

August 2, 2021


  1. I agree dear Phyllis. Madness of many had create separation. We, who hold sanity must teach and show. Lead with concern, kindness and listen. Violence cure no problem. We need to stand together as one, pray together and show our children. Life is worthwhile and we must be kind to each other. Thank you for sharing your powerful and worthwhile words.

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    1. Thank you so much, John. The Holy Spirit has been tugging at me recently. I was compelled to make Christians stop and think. We have let this get too far w/o doing anything to educate those who don’t know the glorious life of having faith.

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  2. I woke up this morning, surprised to see my husbands eyes already open. He had received a text from our granddaughter’s paternal grandmother, concerned about the Christian school our daughter has chosen for said granddaughter. Seems there was an article in the local paper accusing the pastor (of the church which hosts the school) of… you guessed it… hate. I had just read your post before I went to bed and it was punctuated by awaking to this. My first response was to tell my husband about your post and then to pray for that pastor. You are so right!


    1. Thank you so much. Speaking of the Holy Spirit, He compelled me to write that blog. I’m 70 years old and have lived through very trying times. It is my generation which has and is creating the mess we find ourselves in today. We have slowly let God be run out of everything in this country. It is frightening at how fast things are moving now. If we don’t share Jesus on a large scale with conviction, we have failed Him.

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  3. Amen, Phyllis!!! We have been called as soldiers to the battlefield but way too many are content to sit on the sidelines. The Holy Spirit makes us bold and strong! Praise God. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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