Abandoning Freedom

I fell in love with history many decades ago in junior college. My professor was Dr. Jones and he was definitely in love with American history and it showed. There was never a moment of boredom in his classroom. He was enthusiastic and dramatic. He entertained as he taught and brought his vivid recreations of the past to his students. He didn’t tell us how to feel about it. He presented the facts from the birth of our country through her evolution as a nation.

I learned of her glories and her tragedies. And as I was learning, I believed the knowledge of history meant it served as lessons to help us not repeat our mistakes, and to absorb our resolve as decent human beings to bridge our differences without contempt for one another during discussion of political ideology or philosophy.

Freedom is our greatest asset and a source of our pride as a country. Throughout history we have valued our freedom above everything. But freedom isn’t free. It is a God-given right, which our constitution states, but we have to defend that right. Extremism on either side of our political ideology threatens our freedom. That’s why we have checks and balances built into our system of government and democratic elections to preserve that system. But our system is becoming increasingly corrupt.

I fear we are experiencing a hijacking of freedom in this era. There has throughout  history been times in which bad actors in government have whittled away our freedoms of religious expression and we have allowed it without challenge. Christianity has been stifled more and more over the last several decades. Other freedoms are in dire peril as well. We are being robbed of our rights to raise our children based on our individual values as a family. Schools are undermining parents by giving children as young as kindergarten and first grade the choice to choose their own sexuality when they aren’t capable of understanding sexuality yet. They are being guided to reject their own parental guidance. Only a parent should determine when it is appropriate for a child to learn about sexuality and its implications in their life and whether they understand themselves to be heterosexual, homosexual or otherwise. It is truly frightening. You don’t have to be Christian, or any other religion, for this to concern you deeply. Parenting, as a whole, determines the outcome of an individual child. To relinquish that right (unless that right is abused as a parent) is to allow ourselves to fall deeper into the murky waters of socialism and socialism is the direct opposite of freedom.

Our US Constitution states that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights given to us by our Creator. Those who oppose the right to express religious values are trampling on those very words by hiding behind the phrase “separation of church and state.” But the state has no rights to separate us or our children from our values. For Christians our values are not negotiable. We cannot hand over those rights and remain true to our faith. We must stand steadfast and use the tools given us. We must vote  to insure our freedom to worship our Lord in public and in private is not completely stripped from us. We have already acquiesced to the point of removing the name God almost to extinction. And above all we should pray. We should pray for our country daily and pray we remain free.




    1. Yes, I agree except it seems lately they’ve kicked it into high gear. I wrote this post back in 2018 in response to my frustration with Big Tech moderating my posts on social media. It’s quickly getting a lot worse than First Amendment rights.


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