I must cling to You or drown in a sea

of my own nothingness.

Bless me with perseverance as I travel,

with candle lit, to testify of Your love.


I am jealous of  John who gazed at you

while you slept.

And of all those who knew your voice

and felt your touch.


But I have been blessed to have been poor in spirit

for you have given me the kingdom of heaven

here on Earth.

I have mourned and the Holy Spirit has comforted me.

I have been meek when I felt your presence.

I have hungered and thirsted for righteousness

and I still hunger and thirst.

I have been merciful and I have failed to show mercy.

I have been pure in heart and I have been heartless.


Remove from me all that separates me from You.

Remove from me the me that stands prideful

seeking adoration from this world.

Remove from me the pain and sorrow

which comes from lack of intimacy.

Remove from me the shadows of guilt

which rob me of seeing myself as You see me.


Help me become an infant again–

not to suckle at my mother’s breast,

but to live on Your first breath into my being,

and glean from it a heavenly host

of Your Peace once more.


Phyllis Rogers – poetry © 2017










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