Who Will We Obey?

Nehemiah 9:34-36: “Our kings, our leaders, our priests and our fathers did not follow your law; they did not pay attention to your commands or the warnings you gave them. 35) Even while they were in their kingdom, enjoying your great goodness to them in the spacious and fertile land you gave them, they did not serve you or turn from their evil ways”. 36) “But see we are slaves today, slaves in the land you gave our forefathers so they could eat its fruit and the other good things it produces. Because of our sins, its abundant harvest goes to the kings you have placed over us. They rule over our bodies and our cattle as they please. We are in great distress.”

I read this passage yesterday and it had a resounding ring of truth about the state we are in, in America, today. Nehemia’s prayer is a request for mercy for God to allow them to reform their ways and live by the laws of the Lord.

He continues in verse 38: “In view of all this, we are making a binding agreement, putting it in writing, and our leaders, our Levites and our priests are affixing their seals to it.”

And in verse 29 of Chapter 10 he writes: “all these now join their brothers the nobles, and bind themselves with a curse and an oath to follow the Law of God given through Moses the servant of God and to obey carefully all the commands and regulations and decrees of the Lord our Lord.”

I’m old enough to have witnessed our country change dramatically from a God fearing country to a country who thinks the government should be our God. Marxist ideology raised its ugly head in the late 1960s and embedded itself into our laws in the 1970s. We devalued life with the passage of Roe vs Wade in 1973. Since that time, we have murdered 62 million babies in the womb as of January 22, 2021 according to reports from Fox News. We have made a mockery of religion and turned our lives over to those who choose only to replace God in our lives.

Christians understand in order to live our lives as a peaceful nation, joined in unity and harmony, we must return God to our daily lives. We know it simply because as individuals we understand we must surrender our lives to our Lord and follow the Laws He laid down for us if we want to pursue happiness and have joy in our lives. Without God there is no hope. Our future is doomed to the will of the leaders who have no direction, are chaotic in their thoughts and actions, have no reasonable sense of love of country and the citizens they govern. Their only driving force is greed. The more they can control us, the more they can insure they keep the power and riches they have amassed.

My generation began this madness more than 50 years ago. Little by little we have allowed America to become a country that is run by those who seek to destroy it. They demean it and teach our children they are part of a historically cruel and bigoted people. They teach them not to listen to their parents but to what government tells them is true. We have lost the meaning of government run by the people. I fear it could be too late to turn things around. But I know in my heart we never will without turning to our Lord, seeking guidance and refusing to be governed by a tyrannical group who considers themselves gods.

If we as a society are going to survive we must turn to God and obey Him. If we don’t correct the passiveness of our thinking, adhere to the Laws of the Lord, and make a “binding agreement” with Him we shall surely be beyond lost. The evil forces of Satan starts with lies and ends with the Love of Christ defeating him. He died for our sins and it is up to us to stop betraying Him, rise up for Him and reclaim the truth that will set us free.

Phyllis Weeks Rogers

May 29, 2021


    1. Thank you so much for the reblog. One thing I’m sure of is our Lord is in control and His plans are better than ours. As long as we as individuals maintain our relationship with Him we are okay. I’m not sure what His plans are for America, but we are responsible for trying to save her.

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