Failures are but stepping stones. They are not smooth but rocky. My foot slips and my ankle turns. There is pain for a moment. But in those moments of pain, the deepest part of me is elevated through clarity and revelation of the me that will overcome.
The heart of me is steadfast in the belief that I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me. Yet the albatross of failure clings until I remove it from my neck. Until I see myself as He sees me, I cannot recognize the me I am to be.
It’s the act of delivering myself from the imagined stink of failure which elevates my path. A deep breath of recognition clears thoughts. Recognizing the beauty in defeat takes me higher on each climb to success.
Life was never meant to be easy. If it were it would be of no value to my human nature. Building a building or building character takes strength and no strength is required along a velvet path.
Character defined is: “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.” Moreover I believe I must hone the quality of my character through following the right teachers. I was not born with quality of character. I’ve earned it as I’ve learned it.
God has provided the right teachers at the right time. They are my motivators. They are the ones who took the time and patience to show me the path, though they could not walk it for me. That has always been up to me.
As long as I walk this earth, or dwell in it, there will be tests of my character. I will pass and I will fail. I am the one who must own each result.
If I treat failure properly, my greatest successes will have started with defeat.

Then I’m on to the next stepping stone.

© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 12/26/2018

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