Fact or Opinion?

It has been reported that some on the Left are calling for a “Reality Czar.” This follows a recent claim by Big Tech that their practice of censoring conservatives is simply “content moderation.” In other words, if what is posted on their platforms is not in agreement with their political beliefs it is “misinformation” and dangerous to Americans. After all Americans don’t have the ability to think for themselves whether or not something in print or television is true. But the truth is we are all capable (especially in the 21st century where everyone has some access to the internet) of investigating facts. But the Big Tech oligarchs are, in fact, suppressing facts by their censorship of political opponents.

As much as I dislike mainstream media, they have a right to lie to people with “misinformation” they know is not true. But they have freedom of the press to be able to say what they want. Occasionally they get into trouble. Remember the teenager Nick Sandmann? He sued CNN and others for their lies about him at a Right to Life political demonstration at the Lincoln memorial in D.C.. He won settlements from CNN and the Washington Post last summer. That is how the American Constitution works. Both Nick Sandmann and the media expressed their first amendment rights. Nick Sandmann never said a word, but stood stoically while a native American tried to provoke him but being a part of the Right to Life group was a political statement and protected by the first amendment. The press chose to invent a story line to vilify the teenager. That was their first amendment right. However they paid a huge price. They were punished for their lies. That is how we settle arguments in America. We go to court.

The danger is there are people in power who want to change that. They are actively trying to make dissenting political opinions against the law. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said it best when she said about the Republicans, “We don’t want to have to negotiate with them.” The system of checks and balances and respect of the voters choices for representatives is simply not the future she and many of her party desire. Instead they choose a “Reality Czar” to determine what is fact and what is not. When in “reality” their opinions are not facts. The alternate reality they have created is a world where an-other’s opinion is blatantly a lie. Once they have made us all live in their alternate world where only one voice can be heard on Capitol Hill there is no hope.

They told us before the election when they were in power they would make D. C. a state and gain Senators for the Democrats, pack the Supreme Court, and do away with the filibuster in the Senate to ensure they would not need 60 votes to pass their legislation. These things are being discussed today and the new President Joe Biden, is all in with them lock-step. If this agenda is achieved conservatives shall be censored and will never gain power again. That is my opinion. It is not a proven fact. America is no longer free if it becomes fact.

Phyllis Weeks Rogers 2/3/2021


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