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I’m sharing recent emails between my Senator, John Cornyn and me. I’ve written him several times when I had concerns. When the certifications of the Electors in the 2020 Presidential Election was going to take place soon, I wrote with no response. Today, I received a very delayed response which was disappointing to me to say the least. I sat down this morning and replied. Even though I’m totally disgusted with the state of our Congress, I believe if we don’t write as their constituents to voice our opinions, we are accepting of their inaction. Below is the email exchange of his response to my first email about the election in 2020 followed by my reply:

Dear Mrs. Rogers:   Thank you for contacting me regarding the certification of the Electoral College vote on January 6, 2021. I appreciate having the benefit of your comments on this important matter.   On January 6, 2021, the quadrennial joint session of Congress to count the Electoral College votes of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. was disrupted when demonstrators stormed the Capitol, fought with law enforcement, and attempted to disrupt our democracy. This stunning display of disrespect for the law is un-American, and those that attacked the Capitol should face the full extent of the law. I applaud the U.S. Capitol Police officers who stood bravely in harm’s way, and am deeply grateful to all of the law enforcement professionals and first responders who deployed to help restore order. This assault did not succeed in deterring or intimidating Congress, and we ultimately reconvened and certified the vote of the Electoral College. The violence we saw only underscores the importance of our duty as lawmakers to support and defend the Constitution. Americans deserve better than the disturbing and avoidable episode that played out at our nation’s Capitol. It is incumbent upon us to demand better from each other.   The Constitution affords all Americans the right to vote, and integrity of our elections is fundamental to preserving this right. Many Americans are concerned about the integrity of the election, and I share the belief that allegations of irregularities and fraud need to be investigated to their fullest extent. At a time when trust in our institutions is near an all-time-low, we must remain vigilant and continue to work together to preserve the right to vote and improve our election procedures. To that end, I believe that establishing an independent, bipartisan commission – much like was done following the 2000 and 2004 elections – to examine election irregularities and establish best practices is an important response.  
President Trump’s legal team filed numerous lawsuits across multiple states challenging the election outcome. I fully supported President Trump’s right to challenge those results and pursue legal remedies provided under the Constitution, as well as federal and state law. However, none of the legal arguments or evidence presented by the President’s legal team convinced the more than 50 state and federal courts that sat in judgment. Every single lawsuit was ultimately rejected, some on the merits, some on procedural grounds, but both equally dispositive. These lawsuits were heard by well-respected jurists – many of whom were nominated by President Trump himself.
As a former judge, I approached the certification of the Electoral College vote with the same impartial, evidence-based decision-making as I did my job on the bench. But as I said before January 6th, I do not view my job under the Constitution and laws of the United States as a court of last resort. I followed the election recounts and court cases brought by the President’s legal team very closely, and determined the evidence and arguments presented did not warrant overturning the election results.
I appreciate having the opportunity to represent Texas in the United States Senate. Thank you for your comments on this important issue.
United States Senator

On Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 5:48 PM Senator Cornyn <> wrote:

Dear Senator Cornyn, I have voted for you for my Senator as long as you have run for that office. I’m a proud native Texan. My maternal second great grandfather, Martin Parmer, signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. My second paternal great grandfather, David Bullock from San Augustine, enlisted and received 640 acres for fighting Santa Anna. My paternal great grandfather, Elbert M. Weeks, served in Congress and is buried in Austin. And my father, Carl M Weeks,  died while serving as mayor of South Houston, Texas in 1960.I don’t recognize America today. However I realized after the passing of Roe vs Wade, once we devalued life, we were on a downward trajectory. There has become a mentality that life is expendable past the womb. I believe that the introduction of the idea of infanticide has became frighteningly acceptable. Where are we going? A member of Congress recently on one of the mainstream networks suggested Republicans should be eliminated by “burning them down.” Marxist ideology and The Communist Manifesto “ are gaining ground day after day and year after year. Will we soon be loaded into rail cars? I don’t believe I’m exaggerating in my fears that day will come , if not in my lifetime , in the lifetime of my children and grandchildren. The sadness in my heart is not the realization that the extremists who are now in control will succeed, it is the realization our elected Republican Representatives and Senators will continue to lay down and let them march on with their madness.It is the individual voters who suffer not the big interest groups who donate big campaign  funding. Texas took an amazing blow from our new leader in the Whitehouse when he destroyed thousands of jobs and our energy independence. I’ve prayed for decades for America to be independent from the Middle East. With the stroke of a pen, Biden destroyed our future.You have been in politics for 30+ years. You are as responsible as anyone as to where we are today. I don’t know if you’re a native Texan with Texas values. I’m assuming you are. What are you going to do? If this milk- toast, excuse-filled response is the best you can do, then you don’t deserve my vote or the vote of any Texan who cares about our future. I’m from a political family, but they had some integrity in those days. It seems those days are gone. By the way, the audacity of blaming every Trump supporter for what a few did breaking into the Capitol, is paramount to blaming every Vietnam Veteran for the 1968 slaughter committed by a few who lost their heads and their humanity because of the Vietcong lack of humanity. Your email also sounded like double talk. I don’t think you have any semblance of enthusiasm to support your constituents that you might have had when you first went to DC. Good luck and God Bless, Senator Cornyn. My platform will be to ask Texans retire you soon.

 Phyllis Rogers 


  1. It is almost like they say what they are told to say. My Sen. Cindy Hyde Smith did not vote for the certification and for that I am very proud of her. I am reading reports that things are taking place and will be reported this week. People will truely be in SHOCK But…..time will tell.

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    1. I agree. Like the media and tech companies, they seem like they are in concert. Ted Cruz is my Senator, too. I sent him an email telling him I was proud he stood up with the challenge All he asked for was a true audit and delay the vote 10 days. I think Cornyn has been bought by China like some others, like Mitch McConnell. I don’t think they realize that serving in Congress will not automatically make sure they hear the words “Well done my good and faithful servant.” In fact I don’t think they realize Satan is orchestrating the madness and chaos.

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