We Are Not Powerless

Today was President Donald J. Trump’s last day in office. As he leaves D. C. tomorrow there will be an inauguration for a new President, Joseph R. Biden, Jr. But will this be a new administration? From what I have seen in passing clips of news here and there, it seems it is shaping up to be Obama’s third term of “Leading From Behind.” I’m not sure if Biden will launch an apology tour around the world for a sinful America that has harmed other countries. I am, however, pretty sure there will be no talk the next four years about “America First” except to condemn that concept.

The media “gushed” how Biden is going to bring the country together in unity. The problem with that is his rhetoric against every person who voted for Trump. That’s 75 million of us. The talk around the beltway and the media, charged up by A.O.C., is a need to “deprogram” and “reeducate” all of us. She wants to “make lists” of anyone who ever worked with him or voted for him and make sure there is no future for us until we are in complete compliance with the new power holders demands. In tandem with a complicit media and internet oligarchs, we are to be silenced.

All this sounds very scary, yet we are not powerless. Every one of us are consumers.We have a choice who we give our money. We temporarily have been unable to enjoy much in the way of social media without fear of censorship, but not participating is making a stand. There are other platforms out there like Spreely and Parler, although Parler was silenced by Amazon, they will be back online soon. Just like Simon and Shuster withdrew from publishing Senator Hawley’s book last week, he found another publisher. A few days ago, I wrote how I had left FB and Twitter before the election. In the last week, Facebook has lost 45 billion and Twitter around 5 billion.

Then, I started making my own “list.” Amazon was first. Although my Prime membership is paid up until September, I canceled my membership and removed their app along with Audible. I will not shop Amazon again. Apple, Google and YouTube I’ve also deleted. I’ve used “Duck, Duck, Go” as a search engine for a long time because of Google’s practices of discrimination. A few days ago, my husband and I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond because we both had $50 gift cards from our insurance company for simply having our annual physicals. We spent the money there. Then, today, I heard they are refusing to sell Mike Lindell’s “My Pillow” because of his support of President Trump. So, they are now on my list.

I’m also making a “list” of those Republican politicians who have shown their true colors the last week. Mitch McConnell is at the top. And all those who are attempting to be part of the ridiculous and illegal impeachment of Donald J. Trump who is now a citizen. McConnell, it seems, has been threatened by those who might unveil his corruption if he doesn’t insist on helping them with the sham. I will be listening carefully for Cornyn’s vote. If he betrays my vote for him, I’ll be campaigning against him when he is up for reelection.

The one hope and prayer I have about the next couple of years is my belief the Dems don’t have as much political power in the House and Senate as they think. The crazy idea to “deprogram” us will probably not go very far, when the margins are so close, and there are still some moderate Democrats. Yet I think a lot of their talk is to try and instill fear in us. Do not fear. God is near.

Phyllis Weeks Rogers 1/19/2021

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