Retreat to go Forward

Recently, I’ve had a deterioration of my left shoulder range of motion, with a gradual increase to severe pain when I make certain moves, I finally saw an orthopedic surgeon because I suspected I might have to have it replaced as I had to have a total shoulder replacement on my right arm in 2016 from bone loss. The answer I received was near what I expected. Instead of bone loss being the problem, severe osteoarthritis has caused other conditions, the main problem being rotator cuff tendonitis. When the tendon, in regular motion, gets “caught” by bone spurs I feel an extreme “snapping” and “shocking” pain because my arm freezes in that position until I can carefully move the tendon back in place. My options to avoid surgery during this pandemic, are steroid injections and physical therapy. Nevertheless I will have to have the shoulder replacement at some point.

When we are faced with chronic physical pain, we increase our stress level. The result is a pervasive condition of unease aggravated by other tensions we face. My overall ability to face the challenges of the day becomes decreased and my mind and soul disheartened. The only answer for me is to avoid the things which do not add quality of life and a peaceful mind and spirit to aid in healing.

It is time to “unplug” and retreat to a place of healing. I’ve always had strong opinions in politics, but that world will have to go on without me for a time. I’m not interested. If the world get bad enough, I’ll be notified. When I’m stronger I might join in the fray again, but I have not the strength or inclination to believe I can help change anything happening in America or on the world stage. So I retreat now to move forward.

I had the first injection last Thursday, but there has not been significant improvement. Next Wednesday I will be going for an evaluation for physical therapy. Those are actions I MUST take. The choice to feed my mind, body and spirit with all things pertaining to healing is optional but necessary. I will need the strength to overcome the challenge. I will be focusing now on those things. News is not on the priority list. Social media such as FB and Twitter are some things I have already excluded before the election.

I’m so fortunate to live on the lake. The sunsets are stunning reflected off the water. Birds singing a good morning chorus is a wonderful gift. The majestic oaks and pines of the woods provide a wonderland of nature. Living 20 plus years in their midst, I can forget to stop and be a part of the true beauty of life. It is time to take a long healing soak among it all, and increase and deepen my prayer life and study of the Word. I wish I was a decent photographer, but you can’t have it all,

Phyllis Weeks Rogers 1/16/2021


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