Never Think You’re Better, Love Better

Politics have taken over the nation, and I contend the world, to the extent we are forgetting our Salvation. Our jobs as Christians is to share the one who “overcame” the world and eternal death. It is not important that we see the results of our efforts. It is important we carry on with grace, dignity and love. Every crazy person out there ready to do irreparable harm to us, guided by their hate, is being controlled by Satan. We know our Lord has already defeated Satan. So if we are hated, spat on, and persecuted, it is something we should expect from those Satan has a hold on. After all there are moments even in a Christian’s life, daily stress and most of all fear, can conceal the light of the Lord we so much want to shine.

Satan was so afraid of one man, he orchestrated an entire plan to rid America (the country he disdains) of him from the seat of the highest leadership of the nation. And the plan started long before he was elected President. He had to instill fear of this man in the hearts of his servants to keep God out of the land. Their hate for one man reveals their character, not his. And those that hate him are not of just one party. There are those sick with power and corruption in both parties. Christians, believing they were still dealing with reasonable people, let them change the laws which defile the greatest Law. Now the time has come to pay for the environment that has been created. The only recompense is continuing to chip away at Satan’s plans by not participating in them. Those who rise to the highest positions of power have the hardest of falls if they abuse it. That is a truth. History is its witness. These seem like unprecedented times, but they are not. Some of us have lived long enough to understand that.

God is in control. If you don’t believe me look at all the yard signs proclaiming it. They are true because we know His plan is perfect and there is no man or woman on Earth whose plan is perfect. That is why we do not worship a man or a woman who lives today. We worship Him and only Him. He may let them “purge” us from the part of society they control, but that is so short lived and only serves to show their wickedness in doing Satan’s work. It cannot prevail in the light of truth. The day of truth is ahead.

This is not a Civil War. This is a Spiritual War. Our job is to use the Holy Spirit, the Word, and Greatest Story Ever Told to show those lost in hate there is serenity, hope, and Everlasting Life through Jesus Christ. When they bristle at the sound of His name, they are not ready to hear. But our job is still to let them know, if they want to know what joy and peace feels like, they should lay down their misery, the hate inside them causes, at the feet of our Lord. Satan’s chains will disappear. Knowledge of His mercy and grace waiting to free them from Satan’s bondage, will perhaps one day make them wish to be a part of His harvest. He depends on us to carry that message. The most important thing is Never Think You are Better, Love Better. Walk with your head high and in posture of assurance. And never play games with Satan. God has him where He wants him.

Phyllis Weeks Rogers 1/15/21


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