McConnell Wants to “Exorcise Trumpism” From the GOP

Today Fox News reported Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader made the statement he agreed with impeachment of President Donald Trump, just one week before he leaves office, because it would help to “exorcise Trumpism” from the GOP. This very divisive statement hardly unites the Republican Party. In fact it is like pouring gasoline on the anger regular Americans who support the President feel about this useless and political grandstanding the Democrats are perpetuating in the House. Some Senators, like Senator Lindsey Graham, are condemning the taking up of participation in the impeachment by the Senate.

I believe McConnell’s statement is evidence of his dictatorial thinking that the Grand Old Party should remain the party that enriches itself off special interest groups and corruption. The problem for McConnell is it is too late for that kind of wishful thinking. Ronna McDaniel has just been elected for a third term as RNC chair woman. The Americans who support Trump will not go quietly into the night. A Rasmussen poll this week finds President Trump’s approval rating, as he is leaving office, is 49%, which is higher than any President since Reagan.

My advice to Senator McConnell is to expect some serious condemnation of his words. He has alienated himself on a large political scale. The speech President Trump made at the rally was to ask his followers to go the Capitol Hill and protest “peacefully.” On the other hand, Kamala Harris encouraged rioters over the Summer to riot up to the election and beyond. She even started a fund to bail them out of jail. They destroyed hundreds of businesses, burned down police headquarters, tore down monuments, declared their own country, and the violence left 25 people dead. The hypocrisy is stunning. That does not excuse those who desecrated the Capitol Wednesday of last week, but the President’s speech did not cause what they did.

Considering the censorship and dictatorial control by Big Tech and the blacklisting of anyone who was a staffer for the President, why in the world would the majority leader believe that those whose rights are being violated would ever consider going back to the old GOP ? He is the one who should go quietly into the night. Perhaps a nice, plush assisted living facility would suit him best.

Phyllis Weeks Rogers 1/13/2021


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