Whom Shall We Follow?

Today it is easy to become a so called “ordained minister.” The internet allows anyone, who wishes to be certified, to take a few courses and start a “ministry.” There are thousands upon thousands who read the Word and use it as a platform to boost their ego and enrich their wallets. Television provides a pathway for false teachers who pervert the true meaning of Scripture to gain power and wealth.

These are not good examples of who to follow. So how do we discern who can teach us the true meaning of the written word of God? We certainly wouldn’t let a surgeon operate on us if he had not been educated through rigorous and exemplary studies which were taught by accredited medical schools. Even then we would want the greatest assurance his performance in practice was as near perfection as possible.

The dramatic world events of the present should make us want to understand the most important book that exists even if we’ve never studied it. In looking for that person we should learn from, we should remember why it is called “the Word.” God gave us language to understand one another, and for us to understand Him. So understanding the languages of Hebrew and Greek are an essential requirement of someone we would want to guide us spiritually. They also must be able to walk through the streets of Jerusalem or anywhere in the middle east and understand the culture and history, and explain it as though they were living in the time the Bible was written.

There are many biblical scholars who disagree on, and have different interpretations in meaning of some scriptures, thus we have many, many denominations of Christianity. But that should not deter us from seeking and learning. Once we have become a follower of Christ we receive the Holy Spirit which will help us in judging the credibility of a teacher. In these days it is more important than ever to search and find that person who has given their life’s work to learning language, culture, and history as it was in the time the Word was written.

Our government is broken. It has been for generations, but the extent of its brokenness is greater now than it has been for more than a century. But the government was never meant to be our God. So if you have not realized it yet, surrender to God is our only hope. But education of God’s Word is paramount to understanding what God wants. Choosing the right teacher is vital. Satan does use imposters to deceive.

Phyllis Rogers 1/10/21

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