To Whom Shall We Bow?

There are defining times in the life of every person and every nation. We meet crossroads and have decisions to make. It is those decisions which determine our future. Before we make those decisions we must decide if they will be made according to the wishes of men or the will of God. Only a complete submission to the Lord will guarantee safety, security, prosperity, honesty, integrity, love and peace.

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, the gathering of hundreds of thousands of people in our nation who want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without the threat of persecution or denigration came together. Prayers went up from those there for the right reasons. Unfortunately, among them were a few hundred who lost sight of what is right and wrong. Satan sat in the wings and led them into his deliberate trap to destroy their mission to have their voices heard on Capitol Hill. His workers among those who wish to destroy the country, opened wide the doors and let the people in led by deceivers. Then they yelled the Capitol was breached and locked it down. The stage was set. The evil embedded among the people began smashing windows and storming the building. Four people were killed in the mayhem. It appeared Satan won. He did not. The outcome is yet to be determined. But those of faith know who wins in the end.

Two days later everyone is spewing out political daggers to destroy President Trump and his followers. Even those of the same party have blamed him for ” inciting a mob”. If the words, “march to the Capitol peacefully” are inciting then perhaps I don’t understand the English language. Now his and his followers enemies are in full metal jacket mode in preparation to destroy us all. Their goal is clear. We cannot be dependent on our God. They must control our lives. We must not dare rise up against their power lust. We will be punished. Their plans are laid out for the complete inhalation of the middle class. The elites and those of great wealth craving more will have the peasants bow down to them and beg for food. It is the perfect Marxist plan and those who haven’t seen it in the making have not paid attention. Last summer Democratic cities across our nation burned for months and the perpetrators were called “peaceful protestors.” Marxist theology is to win by accusing the targets of doing what they are doing. They want us to believe we don’t see what we really do see.

So here we are with a decision about our future. What will it be? Will we allow our own destruction to continue or will we invoke the Greatest Power, our Lord? It is time to bow to the only one who deserves Glory. Those who have been praying and haven’t seen results should remember God has perfect timing and he lets Satan have his way until his evil destroys even those who carry it out. At the same time He tests His faithful to see if they will wait on Him for what He requires of us. Right now He requires us to fall on our knees, listen, stay in the Word, and He will make straight the Way.


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