Waiting on the Lord

This day will go down in history as a day wrought with emotion and tragedy. The story is unfolding now, so I don’t have all the details but what I did see will remain with me forever. I was not concerned when several thousand protestors converged OUTSIDE the DC Capitol building, but when the interior was breached and violence broke out, I was appalled at the agitators who put everyone at harm.

I just wrote a post a few days ago called “We Must Do Our Part.” I talked about the responsibility of all of us to put pressure on our elected officials to stand up and fight for our vote. Cruz and Cornyn are my Senators. I spoke of my hope that Ted Cruz would raise objections today when the joint session of Congress met to certify electoral votes from the General Election. I was amazed when he did find 12 other Senators who agreed to object as well. The first objection which came up was electors from the state of Arizona which is accused of fraud along with 5 other states.When an objection is made, the joint session is suspended and the House debates the objection on the House floor and the Senate debates on the Senate floor. When the debates had just begun, protestors threatened to invade the House and the Capitol police invoked a lock-down of the Capitol building and the members of Congress were instructed to go the their offices and stay until further notice.

At the moment there are some reports that those involved in breaking windows and entering the Capitol were Antifa members who embedded themselves in the mass of people outside. I’m sure it will be a few days until we find out if that is correct. They have, however, been very involved in very violent protests over the Summer where there was destruction of property, burning and looting, and tearing down of historical statues.

If on the other hand, these turn out to be frustrated members of the MAGA protestors, I’m surprised because I have never seen a MAGA rally turn into anything like what happened during this one today. Most Republicans know we must do our part, but we also must invoke faith and courage and most of all wait upon the Lord. His timing is perfect and He is in control. We can never let emotion makes us lose our sense of right and wrong. We should pray for the Lord to give us wisdom, strength, and patience to wait on Him.

The tragedy was the shooting of two people inside the Capitol. One young woman was shot in the neck and it has been reported an hour or so ago that she passed away. Another victim was shot in the chest. I have no idea of any of the details of why, who shot them, or how it all came about. We should pray for both victims.

Phyllis Weeks Rogers 1/6/2021

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