We Must Do Our Part

My second maternal great grandfather, Martin Parmer, signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. My second paternal great grandfather, David Bullock, fought with the 730 men who volunteered under Sam Houston and received 640 acres for his enlistment. My paternal great grandfather, Elbert M. Weeks, served as a member of Congress in the Texas legislature and is buried in Austin, TX. And last but surely not least was my father, Carl E. Weeks’ who passed away in 1960, at age 44, serving as Mayor of South Houston, TX. My reason for sharing this information about my ancestors is an explanation of why I’m writing to plead to every American who cares about our future and our freedom. The spirit that founded Texas runs through my DNA.

General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was a tyrant and dictator of Mexico who had overthrown the Mexican government in 1832 and set the stage for the Texas Revolution four years later. Most everyone remembers the story of the Alamo and those who gave their lives there. Sam Houston soon outmaneuvered Santa Anna, at San Jacinto, whose Mexican Army with him numbered over thirteen hundred. The fight lasted only 18 minutes. Hundreds of Mexican soldiers died. Only 9 Texans died that day, March 21, 1836. Santa Anna ran to avoid being captured, but was found the next day dressed as a peasant. His life was spared when he agreed to sign the treaty with Houston giving the Texans their freedom from his reign and recognizing Texas as a free country.

What is the shape of our freedom today? For the first time in my life I no longer feel free. The biggest problem I’ve recognized is my inattention to the corruption in Washington, D.C. on both sides of the political aisle. I was complacent because I thought there was no real danger to our democracy. My thinking was the pendulum swings when one side or the other goes too far away from the Constitution and our way to protect our freedom is our vote. But that is no longer the case because in November millions of votes were disenfranchised.

When Donald J. Trump ran for Presidency in 2016, he told the truth out loud about the true state of our union. When he was elected he had to fight the system with very little help and under attack from the Left and the Never- Trumpers on the Right. But the greatest enemy of his and all Americans was the mainstream media and big Tech social media. I left Facebook and Twitter after being censored on both. I don’t live in a Communist country, yet. If everyone would leave these platforms for Parler, MeWe, Rumble, or the most like FB without the censorship, Spreely, it would be evident the competition, would keep them from running amuck with power and taking away our liberties. President Trump has been fighting for our votes. Sadly not enough Republicans, who we honored with our votes, are helping him. Over 74 million people voted for him. And if you believe Biden didn’t have a gigantic organization for voter fraud, listen to him yourself in this clip:

The truth of the matter is we let this nonsense happen to the point it may be too late for us all, but I’m not giving up until I’ve done all I can do. And that is what is takes. Too often we don’t do our part which is to hold our Representatives and Senators in Washington accountable. I am burning up the email inbox of Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, who are my Senators, because they have all the great talking points but do nothing. They have to be MADE to do what is right by their constituents. Because Cruz has proposed a bill for term limits on Congress members, I think there is more hope of getting him to fight for my vote than Cornyn who has been in office 30+years. Who knows how deep he is into “deals” that line his pocket? I’m not saying that is true, but I do know that he is doing nothing so far to fight for me.

There are great Representatives and mine is Judge Louie Gohmert. My emails to him are usually to praise him as he is doing a great job. He is one of the Tea Party and today is fighting this worse case of fraud against an election in my lifetime. I knew him before he ran for Congress. He is a good man who tries to always do the right thing.

We ALL must do the right thing. We may never have a chance to defend ourselves again once our Constitution is totally destroyed and don’t think the Socialists are not going to destroy it. They most certainly will. And don’t think Biden will stop it. The last four years has been an attempt to overthrow the one we legally elected in 2016 AND 2020. Hold everyone accountable to our Constitution because it is the only thing that keeps us a free country. America is the envy of the world and everyone flocks to her to be free. Where will we go when our freedom is gone?

Phyllis Weeks Rogers 12/31/2020 Wishing you a Happy New Year!


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