Free Speech Death Rattle

The end of free speech is in sight, moreover it has become the objective of the largest media outlets and social networks, especially Facebook and Twitter. For that reason I deleted my accounts on both last week. The last straw for me was being censored for sharing the New York Post story about the Hunter Biden scandal, which has grown larger to include Joe Biden’s direct involvement. Perhaps because in my lifetime, I have never seen the censoring of a newspaper. Twitter has locked out the account of NYP since the story broke more than a week ago. New York Post is the oldest newspaper in the country, dating back to Alexander Hamilton. If our right to free press goes down with individual free speech, we no longer live in a free society. We will be controlled in every aspect of our lives. That is communism.

The NYP story was not the first time I had been censored for “disinformation” or “false information” determined by the Silicon Valley elites, who it was recently discovered in the case of Twitter, are led by several Communist China “experts” on “fact checking.” The greatest danger is their “facts” are not facts; they are opinions. The MSM outlets have in unison spread hate against any conservative views for too many years now. Big tech has joined them and any pathway to being heard for conservatives is narrow.

This morning Jonathan Turley, law professor, and noted constitutional scholar on the panel of experts during the impeachment of President Trump, wrote a column this morning about Duke University students banning a conservative speaker. The intolerance for conservatives was outright damning any conservative view. They want a bubble to echo their own views and control all narrative on campus. This country was founded to include an orchestra of opinions that freely flows with different melodies. If we hear only one instrument the orchestra is dies.

We are on a fast track to complete control of our everyday lives by fascists, who call us fascists, by simply disagreeing with their ideology. Their ideology I believe is dangerous and it already has begun to interfere with our rights. I will not participate in social media discrimination by FB and Twitter. They should not be rewarded by my ignoring their censorship. When their bottom lines are affected by dwindling audiences to click on their ads, they may pay attention. In the meantime the Senate will be seeking to curtail them by taking away their protections against lawsuits. Even if that protection is put in place, I hope the other new venues of social media will pick up in competition and these monopolies will find themselves waning in prosperity.

Phyllis Weeks Rogers


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