Living in a Microbial Tornado

Today we are all stripped of extravagance. The restaurants are closed as well as hair salons, day spas, sports arenas, shopping malls, movie theaters, church; and the list goes on of the things we can live without but enhance our life experience. A microbial tornado has invaded the lives of people all over the world. How can something so small we cannot even see take away even our freedom? Where did it come from and why? That great philosophical question reverberates around the globe. As I sit here stroking the keyboard of my laptop, I have to admit as I rapidly approach my seventh decade, I haven’t even begun to understand the force of life, and how the most minuscule living enemy of it can bring the world to its knees.

Some question whether there is intelligence which motivates this enemy. Is this in God’s plan? Is this virus a breech of Mother Nature’s laws? However science or religion wants to define it; it is an equalizer which holds no reverence to its host. How then shall we deal with it?

There is a lot of ridiculous news reporting going on in the media about failure to respond properly. Blame is a ripe commodity which is spread liberally toward scientists, doctors, China, our government and its leaders, and the list goes on. But none of these entities could have imagined the voracity and ferociousness of a virus which would choke the life breath out of a person in a sudden attack and spread with lightning speed throughout the world. At least no one could have imagined it could happen in the twenty-first century in the most advanced societies.

So here we are, each of us with our job to do to fight this terrible enigma. Those with children at home have the unique opportunity to teach their children that life is not an easy path and a person’s character is tested at times like these. Children should know this is their time to shine. There is evidence this is happening by the stories that emerge from places like New York where young people are volunteering to be the arms and legs for the elderly or disabled by delivering the necessities to those who cannot get out and get them for themselves.

Hope is eternal with organizations like Samaritan’s Purse, the Red Cross, and many, many, many more. Leaders like Mark Cuban and the “My Pillow” guy, Mike Lindell, and industries like Ford have stepped up to do their part to help.

But the greatest sacrifices are made by those whose professions now call for valor. The doctors and nurses as well as lab technicians, janitors, first responders and everyone who never thought they would battle with an invisible enemy which strikes like a snake in the dark and kills rapidly.

The greatest question is: “Who am I going to be?” Will I be the one who uses this crisis as a political tool or a religious platform to advance only my interpretation of God’s laws and will? Or will I simply follow the rules of those who know what it takes to relieve the spread like hand washing and social distancing until the next step we are given?

I know there is fear of a tanking economy. We are always fearful when we are faced with the unknown future. But living one day at a time and trying to incorporate joy and appreciation for the life we do have is as much a critical component of warfare against this enemy as any other.

God bless, stay safe, and don’t let this antagonist take away your strength, your joy and your happiness. If any of these start to wane, pray.

©Phyllis Weeks Rogers 4/5/20

Header Photo Credit: Pixabay licensed for commercial use.










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