Worldviews “Glassified”

Mitch Teemley

Worldviews dominate our era. The motto of the present time could be, “Everyone’s worldview is valid, only mine is valider.” The old glass-is-half-full/glass-is-half-empty metaphor seems like an effective way of “glassifying” some prominent worldviews.


  • Optimism – The glass is ½ full.
  • Pessimism – The glass is ½ empty.
  • Darwin – The glass appeared at random and without cause. Survival of the thirstiest.
  • Nietzche – The glass is dead!
  • Freud – Women suffer from glass envy; men want to drink from their father’s glass.
  • Roman Catholic – You must be sprinkled from the glass as a baby.
  • Baptist – No! You must be fully immersed in the glass as an adult!
  • Jewish – First you’ll have your glass-mitzvah, and then you’ll become a doctor.
  • Hindu – You will be poured out over and over again until you realize the glass is an illusion. Oh, and the water at the bottom of…

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