Christmas Moon

You’re so far away
this Christmas.
There’s no angel
atop the tree.
For the only angel
I wish for is you
to come home to me.

There’s an empty chair
at the table.
To match the empty space
in my heart.
It just isn’t Christmas
If we must spend
Christmas apart.

I don’t know the
rules in heaven.
Can you visit?
Is it too soon?
If you find it’s
an impossible task.
Let’s meet on the
Christmas moon.

You can look down
from heaven.
And I’ll look up
from here.
I’ll play our favorite
Christmas song.
And we’ll sing it
together there.

© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 12/15/2018

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  1. A beautiful poem.
    Too many are sorely lonely for their loved ones at this time of year.
    That is why it is good to always have Jesus sooth our sadness with the peace and joy of His Divine love.
    May you receive the best Christmas blessing of all, a day filled with Christ’s amazing love.

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