One Woman’s Choice

When a man lays with a woman he brings to her the seed of a new life. When she accepts that seed, at a time when her body is ready to provide an egg to host it, the miracle of life begins.

Her body very soon begins to change. Morning sickness is very common in the first pregnancy. Menstruation halts. In a very short time, a small “flutter” of movement is felt. At this point there is no denying growth of an individual human being has begun.

She has a choice. Some say it is her body and her right to decide whether to continue on and bring the baby into the world…or kill it. If she chooses the latter, she may be able to justify to herself she is being noble because she cannot care for the child due to her circumstances. On the other hand, she may realize one day there was another road to travel, though a more difficult one: the preservation of the sanctity of life which is worth vacating the death penalty for the unborn.

Every day people talk about the importance of rescuing the lives of unwanted animals. It is much more popular today to adopt an animal than to buy a pedigree. Yet when it comes to the discussion of children, there is little discussion about many ready, willing, and able couples wanting to adopt. Abortion seems the easiest and is made a more attractive option.

It is true it is heartbreaking to carry a child to full term, falling in love with it along the way, to then willingly give it to others. But along the way, there is almost always at least a slight chance circumstances will change. Yet even if they don’t, knowing she did what was right for the child by giving it it’s own right to life will give her peace instead of a lifetime of guilt for killing a baby whose life could have changed the world through the lives it touched.

Of course, the dilemma can be solved en masse by prevention. A woman should make her choice thoughtfully before laying with a man and accepting the seed of life. There is no such thing as free sex. It comes with responsibility. Otherwise, there are consequences. There is a great need for our teens to be taught this unyielding law of nature and given true values and morals to use as their compass.

Politicians promote abortion because it is big business, today. Lobbyists line their pocketbooks and campaigns with big money. They claim their stance is moral and part of American values. Values? What is the value in it? What does it add to our society to be the largest killing machine of babies even up until they are born?

My title suggests the story of a woman’s choice. I am that woman. I chose life for my unborn child. My circumstances were such I couldn’t find a way to keep my child in 1971. I carried him to term loving him; talking and singing to him, and telling him everything I could about how life is messy, but it is also beautiful. Most of all I prayed, and I prayed, and I prayed. I prayed for his new parents to adore him always. I prayed he would marry and have children. I prayed he would have dreams and chase them.

Those prayers were all answered. He lived a good life for 47 years until God called him home last September (2018). He leaves behind many broken hearts of those who loved him while he was here including his wife and two children. And mine. But I will never regret my part in giving him life…ever.

© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 6/12/2019

Image credit: via Bing license for reuse



  1. Bless your heart Phyllis. I will never understand the modern thought of doing away with life but these people have been deceived and don’t have a conscious to make the right decision.God will judge them .


  2. I was adopted, and am so glad the option of abortion wasn’t available, or not thought to be an option in those days. I have always felt that giving up a child for adoption is a loving sacrifice, and much better than keeping him/her in desperate, or unloving circumstances.


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