You Can’t Feed a Baby Steak

We are all given gifts, talents and abilities. How we use them depends on what is driving us to use them. It is a personal question we must ask ourselves as we share those gifts, talents, and abilities. This cannot be more important than in sharing our experiences through study of the Word, or our personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

I chose “Walking Humbly” as the theme for my website. The specific reason for that was to make sure I checked my ego as my fingers hit the keys to publish an article or a poem. I’m sure I’ve fallen short at times because sometimes the mirror may be foggy. That’s human nature. And I realize that is true for all of us. So I try not to judge others as they share their study of the Word or their personal experiences with Jesus.

My perfect target audience when I write is usually for the person who is a new Christian or one who has never experienced the depth of the love of Christ that I’ve felt in my journey through life. I want to be a lighthouse. I want to beacon others to be blessed every day of their life no matter what happens.

I wrote an article about Billy Graham when he passed away. I wrote it because he was the one who brought me to Christ at one of his concerts in the Astrodome in Houston when I was only 13 years old. His charisma was overwhelming as the Holy Spirit guided him to gather a flock wherever he was. But he always told those, who accepted Christ that day, to get themselves into a bible based church and learn. Franklin Graham still carries on that tradition. They are true Evangelists. They bring people to Christ. It’s what they do. They aren’t characterizing themselves to be of any denomination . They’re preaching to babies. They are witnessing a newborn Jesus is delivering. This is the gift they’ve been given and the gift they receive.

When that baby is born, he or she is hungry. They are crying out to be fed. They need their bellies filled, but they can’t eat steak. They can’t absorb over 2,500 pages of ancient literature translated from Hebrew and Greek over a span of 1,500 years and 40 generations. This needs to be kept in mind by those who want to share their knowledge of the written Word. You can quickly put a newborn in peril by not feeding them properly. Don’t scatter the lambs.

There are many who harshly criticize Evangelists because truly there are some who are not in the truest meaning of the word. There are the television Evangelists who are simply in it for one thing–money. And there are those who are providing a service. A person must pray to discern which are real. But to those who harshly criticize, I say emphatically, that to shun a true Evangelist is to do so at your own peril, because they have their calling just as perhaps you believe you have yours.

I don’t think of myself as an Evangelist. I think of myself as a Christian living a relationship with the Lord which is so amazing I can’t keep it to myself. It is not by works that I’m saved. I’m saved by my Savior because He chose me before I chose Him. Any works which I may be credited are not my own. They are a direct result of being led by the One who lives in me.

It takes a village to raise a child. There are brothers and sisters; mothers and fathers; grandparents and great grandparents each having a deeper understanding of the child’s needs. Each with a deeper wisdom to share. Each feeds the child at the level they can understand at the stage of growth they are in.

So, I say to my fellow Christians who are “teaching”, be careful you pray before you preach. Get down on your knees; humble yourself before God, and ask through the name of Jesus for the Holy Spirit to guide you in your mission.

© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 11/25/2018

Header photo credit: @ Bing licensed for reuse commercially.


    1. Thank you, Richard. I just watched “Mary of Grace” and the story line is about Peter’s doubt in his ability to fulfill his role as the rock Jesus would build his church upon. It coincides with the death of Mary. The writers of the screenplay were brilliant in capturing the depth and beauty of the life of Jesus and its meaning for us all. I recommend everyone at any level of faith to see this movie. It is quite compelling to anyone suffering anything human.


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