The Wall

The mention of a wall takes a person’s mind today straight to the argument about whether or not we should secure our borders. It is a contentious argument which forces a person to make a stance on one side or the other of the issue. It is an extremely “hot topic” in today’s headlines of both left and right leaning media outlets. The Conservatives chant, “Build the Wall.” The Progressives chant, “No Wall.” The Libertarians have varying views.

So how do we as American citizens take this issue away from the grandstanding politicians and solve our problems? Once we as Americans can come together with a solution we can sway our politicians to carry out legislation which provides an enduring answer to not only the border of our nation, but the true wall which divides us as a nation.

How do we go about tearing down the transparent wall which divides us, because it is much bigger and thicker than any wall we could physically build at our southern border? Can the invisible wall between us as a people on one side or the other of what we view to be an issue of morals, or an issue of values, be crossed by an extended hand on both sides? Of course it can. But it requires each of us to become malleable in the sense of our approach to one another.

How do we do that when it seems we have to shut each other up one way or another to DEMAND the other side sees things our way? First we must get rid of that big word demand. We have to reach a point where we are willing to concede our way or the highway is not an answer. The two tribes must, as we stand in the middle of the field of battle, be willing to put up that flag of truce and begin to talk (not amid the side which we agree) with each other as a country which desires unifying edification of each other.

The power we should seek should be mutual power which combines truths we hold dear on both sides. This can be the only way forward. And today we find ourselves with the perfect opportunity to work together to bridge our differences and find the perfect compromises which benefit us all.

In the recent midterm elections we voted. The outcome of those votes gave us a House of representatives which is a Democratic majority and a Senate which is a Republican majority. It is the right soil for planting ideas which could grow mutuality to fruition.

Let’s put down our weapons. Let’s destroy unbendable thinking. And in doing so we must not let the powerful media or powerful organizers of group thinking sway who we are as individuals who seek peace in our country. There are so many political pundits on our televisions, we are bombarded with chaos which clouds clarity of thought. If we need to find the truth about what we seek, it might be a good idea to limit our intake from those who vie for our validation of their ideas being the only ideas which take us forward.

We have seen what happens to local communities and how they come together in disaster. When hurricanes bring floods or wildfires burn, people don’t ask which political party the person belongs to before they help them. We simply help each other. So let’s start on a local level.

There is a majority and minority in any town or city. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a consensus which serves both. We need to sit down in our town halls and listen to one another. First we must check our cemented stance one way or the other at the door. Then go into a meeting with a completely open mind as to how we can draw from each other creativity which addresses true solutions. We seem to have misplaced that ability, but I believe we can find it.

When we can solve our problems on a local level we can be a beacon across the country. That can start a movement which others will follow. When everyone is being heard there is always a better outcome. Let’s stop shouting over one another as they do on television and start calmly listening with confidence our voices are heard. Once we believe our voices are heard because we’ve agreed at the door to expand our thinking and our ideas and come together as a unit, we have begun to make true progress. The stalemate is broken and the wall between us will fall brick by brick.

© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 11/19/2018



  1. For me, whether or not we should secure our borders boils down to whether or not we want to keep out illegal drugs, child trafficking, and give our own citizens a level playing field in the pursuit of jobs. By the later, I mean that when illegals compete for jobs, they are willing to work for less money because they can not afford the scrutiny of background checks, etc.
    News commentators continually talk about how immigrants can improve their situations by coming here, but how often do we hear about if having them here will improve the situation of our current, legal citizens. Bottom line, I think a wall is an excellent idea, but it should also have doors to admit those who want to come here legally….
    IMHO those who are marching here waving flags of their home country, while claiming that they were oppressed there, son’t have a lot of credibility.

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    1. I lean conservative as well and for most of the same reasons. But my point was more about the invisible wall between the progressives and the conservatives which divides us as a country. We need to listen to each other to come up with the proper answers which will actually work and everyone’s voice is involved, not excluded by either side.

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      1. I agree that we need to listen and compromise, but don’t know how that is possible when liberals want anyone and everyone, no matter if they are ill with a contagious disease or what, and the rest of us want to know the true situation, health, values, etc. of those wandering in.


      2. Perhaps we’re listening only to those voices which cannot moderate their thought. I have faith that what we are hearing the loudest are the progressives which have no depth to their caring about this country. I believe there are democrats which want to come up with workable answers, not only for a border wall, but for all the problems we as a nation face. Therefore, I still believe it starts with each individual trying in their community to come together to make a difference which might sway our Congress to make realistic laws which represent all of us.

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      3. Phyllis, I’m praying that you’re correct! I’m also praying that Congress starts making choices based on what is good for their constituents and our country instead of what is good for their personal power/profit.

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  2. Very strong commentary, and very true. I believe there are good people out there that just get buried by radicals from all walks of life. How we became so divided I’ll never know. Thank you for making us think.

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    1. Thank you, Claudia. I’m writing my House Representative, Louie Gohmert and asking him to promote these town hall meetings. It seems it is something they want to do before elections, but they need to employ them when an issue comes up before the House to be voted on. Then the people’s solutions can be made and heard without the deals made in DC.


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