A Christian’s Lament

Politicians serve-
Or line their pockets
with obligatory gold?
Solve problems
Or create them?
Is “the Hill” a temple?
Do they think themselves gods?
Do they try to destroy all opposition
To gain and maintain power at all costs?

The negative? Then they are not civil servants.
The Capitol’s walls are stained;
Stained with the filth of corruption;
Stained with hate, lies, and persecution.
The “temple” is a den of thieves.
They rob us of our freedom of speech.
They rob us of our freedom of religion.
They seek our dependency on them.
They think there shall be no other gods before them.

So why do we fill their coffers with our “crumbs”?
With so many gods, are we resurrected ancient Rome?
Will one day guards stand at our churches?
Will one day Christians be burned alive in a Nero’s garden?
Will forty lashes tear our flesh to make us deny our Lord?
Will we see crucifixions of our neighbors?
Will we deny our Lord to save us from crucifixion?
God is already gone from our public places.
God is gone from our schools; He has been banned.

Who then is going to save our nation?
The American flag is a target for disdain.
Socialism is the new answer to prosperity.
The gods warring shakes the ground like thunder.
The word “values” is a trademark for deception.
It’s use is an antonym for truths.
Once it was said:
“We hold these truths to be self evident”.
And now the gods seek to erase even these.

But we have hope.
OUR God is in Control.
OUR faith should not waver.
We should not faint or be weary.
There is only one God:
The Great I AM, Eloi, Father
Who sacrificed to the world
His One and Only Son that we should be free.
Our prayers go up only to Him in Jesus name.

© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 11/12/2018



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