God’s Plan Well Lived

God thought:
This child shall be blessed.
He shall be cradled in love.
He shall be anointed with devotion.
He shall honor his parents.
He shall be a source of pride for them.

He shall grow to be a man.
He shall spread love, laughter, and wisdom.
He shall be pure in heart.
He shall be steadfastly loyal to family.
He shall become one with the wife I’ve created for him.

They shall be blessed with two daughters.
They shall be as beautiful as their mother.
They shall learn strength from their father.
They shall know what love is by example.
They shall spread love, laughter, and wisdom.

His fingerprints shall touch many hearts.
His courage will inspire many.
He shall fight the good fight.
He shall finish the race.
He shall come home to dwell, and to rest in me.

© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 10/12/18



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