When You’re Stuck

What do you do when you’re stuck
and it seems you’re all out of luck?

Move your body and your mind will follow.
Move your body and your mind will follow.

What do you do when you’re down
and you feel you’re going to drown?

Move your body and your mind will follow.
Move your body and your mind will follow.

Get up and make your bed.
Take a shower; wash your head.

Leave the house and walk a mile.
Stand up straight and walk in style.

Feel the wind upon your face.
Start picking up your pace.

Can you see the road ahead?
Follow it and not your head.

Those dreams you use to make.
They were never a mistake.

Move your body and your mind will follow.
Move your body and your mind will follow.

© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 9/7/2018

Photo credit: santabanta.com via Bing





  1. I love this post. A great reminder. I wonder if — in the days before fossil fuels became so much a part of our lives — we needed to be reminded of this basic truth… or if we simply got more regular exercise because we walked to school, we walked to town, we walked to the pasture to tend to animals, etc. My mom still talks about how her mom would walk several miles home from her job as a nurse in order to save a dime’s worth of bus fare. Maybe in addition to saving money she was also enhancing/renewing her mental as well as her physical health!

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    1. I remember stories from my grandmother. She was bedridden and I would sit on a sofa at the end of her bed and listen for hours of her tell an entire family history back to my ancestors arrival in America in the early years of the country. I was spellbound. She could talk for hours.
      I was the youngest of 4 children. When I started to talk I never shut up. My dad declared to my mom, ” I always knew we’d have one just like her,” (speaking of Grandmom.”
      What prompted this poem was a recent conversation with my cousin. Her daughter has recently had some serious problems as a law enforcement officer. Depression was beginning to become quite serious.
      It reminded me of a time I thought my world had ended and became so down I didn’t want to get out of bed. Then I read somewhere to get out of my mind and into my life. So I adopted the thought if I moved my body my mind would follow. It worked.! The temporary situation I was in seemed hopeless at the time, but, of course, it was temporary.
      It’s good to chat with you again, Will. Thank you.


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