This Earthen Vessel

This earthen vessel,
so long ago molded,
creaks along its winding
path more worn today.

For yesterday’s scars
were added to those
nicks, cracks, repairs
of all the other yesterdays.

The luster is long gone and
fading from overexposure,
and neglect in the extremes
of unpredictable weather.

More fragile now than
when it was formed,
yet certainly not less
valuable to the owner.

For it still carries
a priceless content
from place to place
day by incalculable day.

It may be invisible
yet it is the only
tangible value to
its carrier’s existence.

With appearance of matter,
driven by electric energy
through the forces of physicality,
the soul finds its purpose

With varying responses to the
Holy Spirit contained within
stretches itself as it seeks
perfect unity with its Creator.

And it adapts to the ethereal
plane through an ever pressing
need to leave the bounds
of physical limitations.

The vessel timely completes
its purpose and returns
to cycle again from the
primordial soup of life.

© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 8/7/2018 video by the Potter’s House

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