All That Is

All that ever was, is, or will be resides here, in this space, in this time. To be truly present is so intense it is rare; for to be aware is to feel it’s impact on the soul. There are too many ways to escape the magnitude of the totality of all things that exist.

The atoms dance in orchestrated chaos. Revolution after revolution the Earth spins around a magnificent sphere of hydrogen and helium, captured by its generated magnetic field.

From the amoeba to the Blue Whale, and every size animal in between, the world is populated with astounding creatures. In one’s own backyard is usually found a diverse universe of mammals, insects and plant life. To communicate with them is a heartening exercise of enrichment.

© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 8/6/2018: Header photo and text.

Video via by LeslietheBirdNerd 2012.






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