My Father’s Spirit

You tell me you’re a non-believer.
I tell you I’m so sorry for you.
Sorry you’ve never touched the sky.
Sorry you fill yourself with lies.

Haven’t you ever seen miracle?
Haven’t you ever prayed a prayer?
Has love left your heart a stone?
Has life left you all alone?

Walk up high on a mountain.
Walk along the mighty sea.
Listen closely to the birds.
He’s given them the words.

Your father’s blood is in your veins.
My Father’s Spirit fills my soul.
When your heart stops its lonely beat
where will you go if you don’t believe?

I’m following the Way, the Truth, the Life.
Each moment He’s always there for me.
I believe because He’s given me release.
I believe because He’s given me peace.

Walk up high on a mountain.
Walk along the mighty sea.
Say a prayer to receive.
A miracle will happen…you’ll believe.

Β© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 8/3/2018

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  1. Your writing inspires me. I am grateful to Claudia for putting me in touch with your blog. I love your title: β€œWalking Humbly,” and it inspires me to want to change my title, Jan Beek, to my subtitle which is β€œLoving One Another.” But, I am afraid I would lose existing followers… they’d lose their link to my blog. What do you think?


    1. I really don’t think you would lose existing followers. After all, they are followers of your existing page which is an internet address itself. So, changing the name should not effect followers. However, I would make a post which explained that the name is changing. I know I’ve had those I’ve followed who have changed theirs.
      Your kind words touched my heart. Thank you so much.

      Liked by 1 person

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