The Gatekeepers Demise

A rumbling began from the abyss;
a slow bubbling toward revelation
and a fruition of incongruity.

The gatekeepers held steadfastly
wrestling to impede the swell of subterfuge
from overflowing into stark reality.

As momentum gained the sound was plain.
“Everything hidden will be revealed.”
“Everything hidden will be revealed.”

The steam arose and the horses reared.
Men fell one by one into the insidious lava
of Epicurus’s tirade against his imposters.

As momentum gained the sound was plain
“Everything hidden will be revealed.”
“Everything hidden will be revealed.”

When they opened their mouths to speak
each vomited the only words they knew.
But they fell on ears deaf to their deceit.

A rolling thunderous melting rock
covered the Dome and to those it sought
each was turned to thick, hardened stone.

Broken into pieces too small to reassemble
it was demise for those who tried so hard
to cover their sins for far too long.

As the flow diminished  momentum waned.
The crowds abated for the swamp was drained.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The swamp was drained.

In the midst of a new day dawning the sound was plain,
“Everything hidden has been revealed.”
“Everything hidden has been revealed.”


© Copyright Phyllis Weeks Rogers 2/3/18


For a little levity, I thought this was very funny:



  1. That’s some fancy words Phyllis, too fancy for my S.E. Texas brain.
    But I’m guessin that you’re being creative in wording about the demise of sinners?

    And a good mornin to you 🤠

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Actually it’s an ambiguous poem about corruption and deception on both sides of our government congressional bodies. I say “ambiguous” because it can be applied to any level of power in any government or, as you suggest, sinners (self-serving) individuals. That’s how my N.E. Texas brain composed it. Of course, I was born in Pasadena, and lived there 26 years, so I guess you can say most of my education was S. E. Texas. Great schools there.


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