This article by Kelly Orupia tells what we all feel when those days, weeks and months of feeling separated from God haunt us. She has captured what we feel when we can’t seem to find Him.


I am tired of praying. Tired of hoping. Tired of waiting.

I cannot sense you God. In the desolate plains of lack- you’ve hidden yourself. On my knees, lost for which words to use now, I weep. The streams of tears not letting up, because I cannot seem to find your presence, yet I know you are here. You said you will always be with us. You are Emanuel!

And that’s why I find it tough to reconcile.

Why hide yourself from me? Why take me through such wilderness? I have used up all the words I can speak to you. Now I only weep. I want to stop thinking that you will help me. But where else can I go?

I rationalize what you are doing in my life and just when I think I want to give up completely, I realize you are weaning me from fashioning you…

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