How Short Is Too Short?

Claudia has a great post about how times and fashion have changed over the years.

Humoring the Goddess

Lately I’ve been opening my blogs with a reference to my getting older. I guess instead of fighting it I need to embrace it. Or whatever. I don’t cherish getting older…nor do I relish it, look forward to it, or use it to my advantage.

But I know I suffer from what my parent’s generation and my grandparent’s generation suffered from…what is this world coming to?

I wrote a novel about a woman who goes back in time to 1880. Talk about repression. And men were the ones who not only suppressed but designed the clothing they were forced to wear. I mean, long sleeves and a bustle in 90 degree weather?

I survived the bellbottom years, the polyester years, the shoulder pad years, and the overhalls-with-one-strap-down years. I’ve survived looking at underwear sticking way up over jeans, mini skirts and turban wraps.

But I can’t survive the clothing of…

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  1. Hi Phyllis, interesting insight. I’m 73 so you can just imagine how judgemental I can get! Actually that’s not true, the word grateful comes to mind instead of judgemental. Sure, it would be nice to have the energy and optimism of younger days but I also have peace and thankfulness for things that I’ve learned along the way. Not everyone gets to experience getting some understanding, not to mention the grandchildren that are thrown in for good measure. I just wish I could have appreciated things back then the way that I do now and that includes a closer walk with our Lord. I’ve always thought that one of the most beautiful physical characteristics of a woman is a smile and warm eyes that back up the smile. The rest is all window dressing. And by the way, you’ve got both! Grace and blessings!

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    1. Thank you, Bruce. This was a reblog from my friend Claudia. I commented an agreement with her point of view. I love being a senior. Grateful is a good word. I spent my youth “My Way.” It was futile. Mid-thirties I started living more according to the salvation I received in my early twenties. Today I am a long way from where I was, but still a work in progress. Grace and blessings to you as well.

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      1. Still a work in progress, aren’t we all! And tell me that having grandchildren isn’t a blessing! Just love it. Just wish I could stop groaning every time I stand up or sit down. Have a great and blessed day!

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      2. Haha! Why is it all men groan? Fortunately for women God gave us a higher pain threshold. We feel it but know groaning doesn’t help. Not meant to hurt your feelings. But as a retired nurse, I can tell you guys I’m right about women’s ability to bear pain vs. men.


      3. I bet she doesn’t groan as loud. JK. But actually I was coming from my experience as a nurse. Of course women….moan. That’s the difference. Men tend to put a bit more drama and volume into it…..thus groan.


  2. I thank you for the repost! And I also agree…even though these things grind me at first blush, I do brush them off and am thankful for the good life God has given me. I’ve been lucky — even if my skirts are knee-length!

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