Fotografia: No parque (In the park)

ChronosoFer2 always has dreamy photos and music. His site is one of my favorites on WordPress. He always provides a little escape.


IMG_6834 (2)IMG_6816 (2)IMG_6769 (2)

Fotos: Chronosfer. Parque Keukenhof, Holanda. Caminhar em suas pequenas alamedas, é respirar a vida. Flores, tulipas em especial, lagos, viveiros, campos, pessoas. para muitos, um lugar turístico; para outros, um lugar onde a vida é semeada para ser vivida.

Keukenhof Park, The Netherlands. To walk in their little alleys is to breathe life. Flowers, tulips in particular, lakes, nurseries, fields, people. for many, a tourist place; for others, a place where life is sown to be lived.

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    1. Thank you. I’ve been a follower for about a year. He is such a warm, friendly person who always has some beautiful photos and music on his site. He’s one I of the first pages I go to when I sign onto my blog.


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