Our Animals Past and Present


This is me with two of our toy poodles, Lil’ Red and Lucky a few years ago. We have a total of three poodles, Pete is probably at my feet here. We also have a yellow lab, Sissy, and a yellow German Shepard mix, Sadie.

Sadie is the smaller dog. She has grown up now. Below is how she and Sissy sleep in the house in their kennel in winter and on rainy nights:



The featured picture of the post are my first ducklings. They are Welch Harlequins. They are the larger ducks in this video:

I also raised Black East Indie ducks. Below is Delilah and one of her clutches hatching:

We also raised chickens. Below are chicks; their playground; and the Rooster we called Amos who started out so sweet, but became really aggressive after a dog attacked the females and killed two while I took my eye off them only for a minute while they are out free ranging.

Baby chicks

chidken swing


Amos 2

We also raised some bunnies when our granddaughters lived here for awhile:


Dusty was our cat. He disappeared one day in 2008.


I’ve highlighted some of our favorites. If you’re a follower, you know I haven’t included the Mandarin ducks we have now. I’ve raised several breeds including: Black East Indies; Blue Runner ducks; Welsh Harlequins; Wood ducks and Mandarins. We still have the 5 dogs. I rehomed all of the chickens and most of the ducks when my husband became critically ill and I ended up having to have a right total shoulder replacement in the Summer of ’16.

© Phyllis Weeks Rogers 6/25/18





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