Muddled Mind

There I was… the fridge door open
How long?….I don’t know.
I found myself staring and searching
Is this where I wanted to go?
Then….SNAP…. a clean fork…
so to the dishwasher I went.
Now I know I’m not operating
at one hundred percent.

I found a letter in my pocketbook.
I should have mailed three months before.
What now?….should I forget it….
tape it to the mirror…to the door?
How can I tell my grandchild…
I thought I’d sent it for her birthday ?
Oh no…I can’t tell anyone…
They might think…”We should send her away.”

I can’t keep up…. What day is it?
Is this a sign?….Am I too stressed?
The pity is I’m trying….
To do my utmost…to do my best.
But my mind is muddled…too many to-dos:
My mind has turned to roux.

©Phyllis Weeks Rogers 4/6/18



    1. Just venting. I know God is there for me. But human feelings still break through. Thank you, I am slowing down this weekend. Being a caregiver for a mentally disabled husband, I just get close to burn out sometimes, but the Lord has helped me out through the past seven years. He will never desert me and I know it.

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      1. I do understand. My sister has been taking care of her husband who is totally dependent on her for 7 or so years. It is draining. She is able to put him into the VA hospics(sp) center a couple of time a year for two week each .Give her a much needed break,plus she has sitters a couple of days a week so she can get out to shop etc. God is good …it is just sometimes hard to wait for him to take people home that need to go home.

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