Day 1.  Our first day in Gdansk, Poland

Love Travelling

A few weeks ago we noticed that Ryanair was offering bargain priced flights to Gdansk, and as we’d enjoyed our previous visit to Krakow, the opportunity to visit a second Polish destination seemed irresistible.

 On the banks of the river in Gdansk

Our flight departed Leeds-Bradford airport promptly at 9.30 a.m. taking just two hours over to Lech Walesa airport.  The airport is named after the former Polish president and its gleaming, spacious arrivals hall was only completed in September 2015.  Accessible to the terminal via a footbridge is the Gdansk Port Lotnczy railway station with services into the city’s main Gdansk Glowny station every hour.  A more frequent service operates to Gdansk Wrzeszcz from where passengers can change to Gdansk Glowny.  Tickets can either be bought from the  machine on the platform or on board the train.  We used the ticket machine which was easy to operate with single…

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    1. I thought so, too. Amazing what you can find on fellow bloggers posts. I can’t afford to travel overseas, but it’s great reading the posts of those who live abroad. I love to reblog what I really like a lot. It’s the same with the post about God’s love for us. I reblogged that as well.

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