On the Migration Trail in Maine

I visited Maine today via
https://fayeswolfe.wordpress.com/2017/10/11/on-the-migration-trail-in-maine/ It’s worth the trip. Enjoy.

Faye Wolfe words/photos

Birds and butterflies head south, birders and naturalists head north to see migratory species on the move.

It wasn’t a little bird who told me years ago about the spring and fall migrations that move along the coast of Maine. (It was a therapist and birder I got to know when I served on the board of a nonprofit.) The idea perched in my mind and never really flew away–unlike so many good ideas that travel from the forefront of my mind to a destination as unknown as the winter home of swallows used to be. (Linnaeus thought swallows buried themselves in river beds at the end of the summer.)

So when the idea reasserted itself recently, I went up (or down, as in down east) to Port Clyde. Everything was as Maine-y as you could hope for: the air, the light, the sky, the water, the white clapboard houses…

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  1. Thanks so much for reposting! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit to Maine. We’re having a snowy day today here in New England, so it was nice to be reminded (by my own post!) that sometimes we have warm, sunny days in this part of the world.

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