The Cradle of Grace

I wrote a post called “Reflection” on November 30, 2017. I described my introspection at finding out from a lung screening CT I had 5 nodules on my lungs which required monitoring. I had a follow up PET/CT on December 7, 2017, which showed no uptake of the nuclear medicine which could have diagnosed a malignancy but the size of the small tumors made a diagnosis undeterminable. So continued monitoring was the course of action the doctor recommended. The date was set for a 3 month follow up for March 5, 2018. So yesterday I had another CT as well as a lung function test.

Praise the Lord! The nodules had not grown. I also found out my lung function was normal. I cannot express the relief this information has given me. It is not that I have dwelled on the potential threat the nodules pose to my well being. But the reassurance I have been cradled in His Grace for the past 3 months is astounding. Each day and each moment is a blessing.

I will continue to be monitored for at least 2 years for any signs of growth of these very small tumors. It is unusual to have as many multiple nodules as I have and with family history and lifestyle being a factor I am deemed particularly in need of close continuation of examination and scanning. My next follow up CT is in June. In the meantime I’ll rock softly in His cradle of Grace. Thank you to all who have prayed for me.

Phyllis Weeks Rogers 3/6/2018






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