Under the Sea with Cindy Ballard

My cousin, Cindy Ballard, her husband Danny, and her daughter Ceresa live in Paamul, Quintana Roo, Mexico. They have been diving for many years. I’ve always been a little jealous when she posts pictures of her dives on Facebook. I decided it would be fun to share her photography on my blog when she posted her lastest pictures a few days ago. So I asked her permission to share her photography of her latest dive. I don’t know the names of the sea animals and fish, but if you do please comment and let me know.

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These images are the exclusive property of Cindy Ballard and are not to be duplicated or used by anyone without permission. Copyright © 2017 Cindy Ballard.



    1. Yes, it was nice of her. She posts them on FB every once in awhile. I told her I’d love to share them on wordpress and she was glad to let me. I’m a little jealous that she and her husband can do that kind of thing. I’m afraid I’d never be good at diving.

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